Early Education Software! Put our kids first!
                                                          Early Education Software!Put our kids first!

Mission Statement

in short at JDWS our mission is to educate the children and capitalize on the potential every child has.


This software development idea was inspired by my eldest daughter. She asked me for something I could buy and buy relatively cheap. Math Flash cards. The problem though is that once she is done with those I have to go buy more flash cards, and hopefully not get the same ones she already had.


I developed a math flash card game for her to have unlimited flash cards, then after speaking with the school I learned that some students are falling way behind on their reading skills. Recognizing these 200 common words. So I put my skills to work where they were needed -- Sight word digital flash cards.

I still have the math game, but it is not pretty. request it directly if your child is in need so that I know you will not think it an example of my skills. it does work...


Ok what is our mission? or should I say my mission. My mission is to provide educational tools to low and moderate income families, through the web(Via download) , on android, windows phone, windows pc(7,8,10), and then iOS. Currently I am unable to get a lot of work done. I have alittle angel that keeps banging on the door for my attention.

The future of both the math and word projects --

The goal is to put voices to say the words(with a hint button if the child doesn tknow it) and say the answers to the math problems

To have fun little mini games in the programs to allow for some fun and learning.

to put some graphics and sound effects into the design.

Then to refine it over and over again adding modern education techniques so that the programs remain relevant and useful to our children ..




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