Early Education Software! Put our kids first!
                                                          Early Education Software!Put our kids first!

Current Projects

Flash Cards --The program as it stands generates 200 flash cards to be displayed 1 at a time for spelling and word recognition. The current version requires the child have assistance- the future version will include the ability to go solo and still learn the words, a break down ten at a time for a more focused approach, saved progress and voice overs. right now the program when it installs will place 200 flash cards ina folder on your computer. you can find it in pictures/wordsaves/images These can be moved to your phone or tablet to be used while waiting in line, shopping, etc.. This version is 100% free. Spread the word although it is simple in design it is a handy tool for the engaged parent Get it from CNET Download.com!

Math STARts -- This program is a larger undertaking and is pretty rough, the goal of this project is to teach children how to solve math problems, it also generates an unlimited number of math problems in your childs skill level to practice. This one is a direct result of a request made by my oldest daughter to buy her flash cards. Flash cards are limited and dont grow with your child. This program is usable, but If you want a copy email me directly. I dont want to put it out being so rough to the general public at this time. 


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